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With their combined knowledge and experience of the publishing industry, social media and publicity, the Newlin sisters aim to provide a range of services to aid new and exisiting authors who hope to take their latest book or project to the next level.

Hanna and Haley are currently taking on new clients. You can find more details on their expertise below.

logo by  Claire L. Smith

HALEY NEWLIN has over three years of experience within the publishing industry as well as two years of developmental editing and proofreading experience (including one for a bestselling children’s book).


She has also gained a MFA in Creative Writing/English and three years of teaching creative writing and book marketing.

HALEY is also the author of two highly successful self-published novels, giving her the insight to provide the best possible marketing services for her fellow independent authors.



HANNA NEWLIN has worked as a social media strategist for over two years with a further three years of publicity experience centred in the publishing industry.


Her combined expertise in social media and publicity allows her to provide clients with precise marketing solutions to best promote their upcoming releases. 


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